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We are thrilled to announce that we have added virtual production to our expanding collection of cinematic tools. With our state-of-the-art virtual production studio, we are capable of helping agencies and brands create more engaging stories and produce richer content. Not only does virtual production provide increased freedom, control, and flexibility, but it also has the added benefit of significantly reducing our carbon footprint.

Combining our LED volume, in-house set builders, CGI teams, crew, and postproduction makes us limitless – like your imagination!

About Virtual Production

What is it?

Virtual production allows the crew to see their extended virtual set directly in-camera. The background of the set is made of giant LED screens that will form one big screen, displaying real-time backgrounds. Next to that, this so-called LED Volume can be operated live so you can literally move mountains on set.

When to use it

Virtual production offers huge benefits when compared to more traditional ways of production, such as green screen or on location. When shooting within a LED Volume it means you no longer have to travel to impossible places or composite the background onto a green screen. You can even create an entirely non-existent place. For example: shooting with the favoured golden hour doesn’t have to be done within the hour, you can literally shoot all day with the right lights, displayed on - and radiated by - the LED Volume.

Studio vs location

A great opportunity to consider the use of virtual production is if you have a location that would be very difficult to go to, for instance because it requires complex logistics. The key difference between studio and location filming is that the environment can be controlled completely. Weather can be unpredictable and a real challenge when filming on location. In a virtual studio space, any kind of weather can be created so this enables filming according to your preferred schedule. Just imagine the example of the Golden Hour - which can last all day thanks to virtual production.

The differences with green screen

The big advantage over a green screen is that you can already see the result through the film camera. In addition, the lighting people can better match the actors on set with the digital environment.

  • 90%

    Reduction of carbon footprint

  • 2.6

    Pixel pitch (milimeters)

  • 22

    Width (meters)

  • 5

    Height (meters)

Behind the scenes of the largest screen of the Netherlands

  • lukkien-virtualproduction-capoeira04
  • lukkien-virtualproduction-capoeira02
  • lukkien-virtualproduction-capoeira01

Benefits of going virtual



The LED Volume emits light that bounces back into the set and ‘lights’ the subjects in front of it. This provides a much more natural and organic way of lighting on the actors and elements in the physical set.



Reflections in things like water, windows and mirrors match perfectly with the background - because they are the actual reflection instead of a postproduction rendering. Much easier, much more natural and no more green haze as a green screen residu in glasses or windows.


Control & location

Every element is controllable in a virtual production studio, from the time of the day to the weather conditions. No dependence on limited daylight hours or ambient noises. You only need to manage one location. Because all shots can take place in the same LED Volume, the cast and crew can work efficiently. This will minimize time, costs and avoid budget blow-outs.



Moving your cast and crews to a different set takes a lot of time. With virtual production you can shoot in a New York loft setting in the morning while half a hour later, you stand on mt. Fuji in Japan. Even small changes, such as moving an object in the background, can be done at set.



No more traveling around the world with an entire crew means less flights and CO2 emission. Next to that physical sets are specifically built for a specific production and deconstructed afterwards. With virtual production your sets are digitally archived and can be restored all time.


Creative freedom

With virtual production, you have total creative freedom. From places you can’t reach to a imaginary location that doesn’t exist. If you can imagine it, we can create it, produce it and optimise it.

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Bouke Lukkien, CEO Lukkien


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Create dream content with a live background that provides the sharpness, reflection and transparency the production needs. VP provides more creative possibilities, without causing production challenges. Challenge your imagination in our interactive session in which you see what is possible in our studio.

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